The Fix

Magical Reality

When a homeless drifter named Sherman hits town, the locals soon discover he has an uncanny gift for fixing things, and it’s not long before he’s repairing their chain saws, curling irons, clarinets, even their squeaky shoes. Then, a freak accident traps a little boy under a four-car pile-up that’s about to explode, and he ingeniously untangles the cars, douses the flames and saves the kid in the nick of time.

As word spreads about the amazing handyman, he mysteriously moves from fixing things to fixing problems – like taxes and marriages. Then he fixes somebody’s dead wife. Now a media-frenzied mob descends on the town and the whole world wants a piece of Sherman. But Sherman has one final fix that will surprise them all.

The Fix is an adaptation the short story by acclaimed author Percival Everett, first published in New York Stories and Best American Short Stories 2000, and featured on NPR’s Selected Shorts. “I like it, I like what it’s become!” — Percival Everett

Austin Film Festival’s Heart of the Screenplay competition; Worldfest Houston; StoryPros Int’l Screenplay Contest; Sundance Table Read My Screenplay; Slamdance Screenplay Competition, The Writers Network; IFP Emerging Narratives and others.

Screenplay written by David Poulshock
WGA 1650170 © 2013 by Red Door Films
Poster design by Gini Chin,


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