Political Action Adventure

Prime time, Washington D.C. A television studio. A talk show, live on the air. Its famous host interviews a presidential candidate. Wham! Masked commandos swoop and whisk away the candidate before as fifty million viewers see it all come down. Their leader is billionaire mastermind Simon Gideon. He doesn’t want a ransom. He wants to just wants revenge.

Next morning, news crews find the kidnapped candidate in Freedom Plaza, alive and kicking, butt-naked, and shackled to a pillory. A Jumbotron looms above him, playing a video-loop of his sexual exploits and dirty deals. In other words, he’s caught with his pants down for the whole world see — even before Agent Laswell Pinchon arrives on the scene.

And so the chase is on: two men on either side of the law careening toward a final confrontation — until they discover that they share a common enemy and Agent Pinchon discovers he must choose sides.

Worldfest Houston Gold Remi; Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinalist; Scriptapalooza Semifinalist; Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder; American Accolades Semifinalist; Chesterfield Semifinalist; Hollywood Int’l Quarterfinalist; StudioNotes Semifinalist; Telluride IndieFest Winner; Tennesee Screenwriter’s Association Semifinalist; Writer’s Network — Fade In Semifinalist.

Screenplay written by David Poulshock
WGA #826927 © 2013 by Red Door Films
Poster design by Gini Chin,


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