July 14, 2015 David Poulshock

What would you do with 9 new Tellys?

We dressed them up to party.

telly montage2

We recently wrote and produced six spots for Spirit Mountain Casino, and five spots and four mini-docs for Goodwill of the Columbia-Willamette. The projects couldn’t have been more different. For one, it was comedy bungee jumps and zip lines and carnival rides. For the other, heartfelt stories about real people making the best out of life.

9 Tellys out of 14 entries!  Of 11 entries for Goodwill, 8 were awarded Tellys (the linked titles are airing now):

What Goes Around — TV:30 — Silver
Stacey’s Story — Webisode — Silver
Graciela’s Story — Webisode —Bronze
Pete — TV:30 — Bronze
Abby — TV:30 — Bronze
Abby’s Story — Webisode —Bronze
Graciela’s Story — Webisode — Bronze
Mission Campaign — TV:30 series — Bronze

Of 3 entries for Spirit Mountain, Roller won a Bronze. (You can bet we’ll be entering the remaining spots in the campaign next year, after they air. Check out Zip Line and Bungee. They’re contenders!)

A wonderful cast. In the starring roles for “Dare To Have Fun,” Dino Castagno (Ryan Artists) and Alexa Simone (Sports Unlimited) experience some pretty precarious adventures, then find “real fun” at Spirit Mountain. Imagine taking a selfie on a bungee jump! For Goodwill, we captured the everyday lives of real people who inspire us with their dedication, hard work, love and respect. It’s a blast working with Spirit Mountain to create so much fun, and a joy working with Goodwill to tell stories that resonate with so much heart.

A stellar team. While there are too many to list here, the combined production teams involved over forty of Portland’s finest crew members. David Poulshock, Writer/Director. Goodwill: Dan Gorczyca, Producer; Mark Petersen, DP. Spirit Mountain: Kevin Lewis, Producer; Reed Harkness, DP. Editors: Nancy Anderson of Bingo Lewis and David Poulshock. Color correction by Bingo Lewis’ Rob Anderson. Sound design by Richard Moore and Randy Johnson of Tag Team Audio. Original music by Cal Scott. VO on Spirit Mountain, October Moore. VO on Goodwill’s “What Goes Around,” David Poulshock.