June 23, 2016 David Poulshock

Watch out for this guy, he’s fast.

Monkey & Tellys Enhanced

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, stopped by Red Door this week, to celebrate Chinese New Year of all things. Never mind he was four months late —  he’s been busy, just like us!  Anyway, Sun coveted a couple of our 80-some Telly’s — especially the bronze we just won for Spirit Mountain Casino’s “Real Fun” campaign. What was it like to shoot? Duh, it was real fun!


What a crew! Kevin Lewis, Producer; Russell Eaton, DP; Jack Devries, Art Director; Sarge & Coach Fleskes, Gaffer & Key; Critter Pierce, Stylist; Terri Lodge, Make-up — and so many more of Portland’s best, too many to list here.

And what a cast! Tabitha Bastien, Sarah Carroll, Kelsey Tucker and Dani Michael Miller in “Dive Bar” — Nadine Nzagamatsu in “Smart Phone” — Eric Newsmen & Kristin Coleman in “Crazy 8s” — Murri Lazaroff-Babin in “TV Dinner”— “Naia Schroder and Evan Honer in “Shuffleboard.” Stellar performers in every way, capable of amazing transformations!

Here’s a link to the spots. Enjoy their handiwork!


BTW, Sun is a master of 72 methods of transformation and can leap 33,554 miles in a single somersault!  Luckily, we grabbed our Telly’s before he leapt away. His visit did remind us, however, to wish you all a stellar Fire Monkey Year (even if we are half way through it already).

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